Maid’s New Arrivals

Maid’s New Arrivals

Maid of the Loch is delighted to announce the arrival, by Mr & Mrs Swan, of six cygnets, on 11th May. Pen (the name of a female swan) and family are doing well, having been spotted paddling next to our paddler. Cob (the name for a male swan) is proudly guarding his family, ensuring all cygnets stay close.

Swan-family-4---mother-&-cygnets--(with-a-piggy-back)-12th-May-2016(web) Swan-family-5---the-new-family-12th-May-2016(web)

The swans built their nest on the scrub land just on the river side of the pier, back at the beginning of April. It usually takes 5 weeks for the eggs to hatch, and she was spot on as the first photo was taken on 7th April. Look out for the happy family paddling around the Maid when you come to visit!

Swan-family-3---waiting-expectantly-9th-May-2016(web) Swan-family-1---new-nest-7th-April-2016(web)

Footnote: Cob is so named due to the knob on its beak. Pen is because of the way she holds her wings back in a penned manner. Cygnet is from the Latin Genus name: Cygnus.